We have representatives throughout California and the United States that rent gear and provide basic dry-land instruction.  Please contact us at (530) 686-5403 to schedule a rental or dry-land instruction.


All Day Gear Rental (includes board, wetsuit, booties, helmet, PFD, fins, pads) – $90.00/day Pre Season Special: $70/day

Multi Day Gear Rental (includes, board, wetsuit, booties, helmet, PFD, fins, pads) – $70.00/day (call us for special pricing on extended trips)

Board Only – $35.00/day

Other Equipment – Contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

Is riverboarding hard?

No- riverboarding has one of the shortest learning curves of any whitewater sport if you are in decent physical condition.  Within one day, you will be able to safely navigate a class III river.  With a little practice you will be able to move on to harder sections.  Of course, if you are pushing the limits on Creeks and Class V rapids, it turns into a completely different, extreme sport.

Is riverboarding dangerous?

No- riverboarding is the safest way to navigate a whitewater river.  You have the highest degree of maneuverability and riverboards are considered the preferred method of rescue in swiftwater-rescue situations.  You will be outfitted with proper gear to keep you safe.

Is the water cold?

Yes- the water is very cold.  You will be provided with a 7mm wetsuit and booties which will keep you warm even in early spring.

Can I use my ocean bodyboard to go down the river?

No- boogie boards do not provide enough buoyancy to keep you off rocks and out of holes.